In the hotel relaxation centre ZEN SPA we offer high-class sauna, professional massage procedures, FLOAT therapy, pleasant relaxation in modern style and atmosphere of comfort, freedom and simplicity.


You will experience natural feeling, gain new strength, your lost energy will revive and you will get rid of your mental and physical tensions.

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We have Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, sauna ritual, Himalayan salt for body peeling, cooling, relaxing zone with quality sound distribution, lemonade and quality water included.

Time Price
Private Entry 1-2 person 2 hours 55 €
Private Entry 3 person 2 hours 70 €
Private Entry 4 person 2 hours 85 €


High Density of Epsom salt (350 kg of salt / 300 l of water) brings about the „Dead Sea“ effect in which the body is in state of weightlessness, just like in universe. Thus, it causes deep relaxation of physical and mental body. It is great therapy for muscle release, sleeplessness, stress, depression, jet lag or excessive fatigue.

Time Price
Float 60 min 40 €
Float 60 min + Massage 30 min 90 min 60 €
Float 60 min + Massage 60 min 120 min 75 €


Professional massage aimed at problematic parts of the body. Appropriately applied pressure massages, stretches also deeper muscle layers and activates stiff joints.

Time Price
Focused Massage – Neck, shoulders and lower back or legs 30 min. 25 €
Full Body Massage– Head, neck, shoulders, lower back, arms and legs 60 min. 40 €
Full Body Massage – Head, face, neck, shoulders, lower back, arms and legs 90 min. 60 €



You can choose from 6 kinds of essential oil blends enhancing the emotion that you want to unfold: joy, cheerfulness / consolation, understanding / forgiveness, rejuvenation / motivation, encouragement / passion, inspiration /peace, calmness

Time Price
Partial Aromatherapy -Neck, shoulders, lower back, arms 30 min. 30 €
Full Body Aromatherapy – Head, neck, shoulders, lower back, arms, legs 60 min. 45 €

Prices are including VAT.

For more information, call 0950 422 455.

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