In the thirties of the previous century a new hotel was opened, fascinating the citizens of Bratislava City by its modern architecture. In successive steps it established itself as a famous place thanks to its cosy café, French restaurant and Tatra Cabaret later known as Tatra Revue. The Hotel became a centre of cultural and social life and in the forties of previous century it became sports place, too, as boxing matches were organized here in the Tatra ring. The glory of Tatra cannot ever be denied as it was mentioned in the books like Golden 60-ties, Laughter and tears of Tatra Revue or There was a Cabaret. By the end of era of Prague Spring and at the beginning of normalization process the glory of Tatra Revue came to its end. Tatra as a cultural centre was recovered by establishing the Studio S Theatre, later renamed to Studio L + S, situated here even nowadays. Therefore if you are planning to combine your stay in the capital city with cultural experience, we recommend you Hotel Tatra. You can exchange the evening spent in the hotel room in front of the TV for the evening in the theatre. There are only few hotels in the world which can boast with the famous theatre in their premises. Hotel aims to restore grandeur of the tradition of cultural and social life by organizing balls, parties, receptions and other events.



opening of the Hotel Tatra, thanks to Tatra Cabaret, centre of cultural life in Bratislava


Tatra Cabaret was renamed to Tatra Revue.


closing of the Tatra Revue as a result of normalisation


complete reconstruction and hotel extension


hotel renovation